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„You will not soon forget the day your machine was idle“. We at AST ® can do a lot to ensure that it never happens again. Because AST ® stands for technical progress. And thus for the reduction of downtimes, the increase in performance and the increase in productivity. AST ® stands for constant movement. For everything going well. Smoothly. On the following pages we will show you how we think and act in order to meet this requirement as much as possible with our products and services. We appreciate your interest!


AST® is one of the leading European suppliers of non-stick coatings and of coatings made of carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic. Our intensive research work results in ever more new coating applications.
The AST® team takes a very professional approach to all requirements with regard to design, dynamic performance, functionality and quality during all stages of a project, from an enquiry right through to delivery and the after-sales service.
Parts damaged by wear, poor maintenance or incorrect use can be made to be like new.


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