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AST® offers a range of services that can help you further improve your performance and productivity.

Parts damaged by wear, poor maintenance or incorrect use can be made to be like new, for example, by the following:

  • Repair of used components, necking, bearing seats, the bearing surface for sealing rings and diameter adjustments
  • Renewal and adjustment of coatings for changed requirements
  • Renewal of hard partial coatings on bearing seats or sealing surfaces without the thermal stress caused by welding or annealing
  • Mechanical machining by turning, grinding, brushing, lapping and polishing
  • Dynamic balancing work
  • Development of layers for particular customer requirements
  • Welding work
  • Sand blasting or glass bead blasting
  • Removal and replacement of worn parts

Our tip:

Older rollers can be significantly improved by modifying them. This is how we can measurably optimise the performance and productivity of your existing systems by modernising them.


At the following pictures you can see, how the rollers look before (left picture) and after (right picture) the repair: