Our innovations for your success

At AST®, all of the rollers are developed and manufactured in-house. This puts us in the position of constantly being able to initiate product innovations. Our work results in tailor-made rollers with functional, high-precision surfaces for maximum process reliability and efficient results.

Aluminium rollers with carbide coating

Free-running rollers with a hard (>1,400 HV 0.3), very wear-resistant, cut-resistant, zero-pore and high-gloss polished surface (Rz < 0.5 μm) are a good alternative to heavy, sensitive chrome-plated steel rollers.

Steel rollers with a ceramic coating

Steel rollers with a ceramic coating, which we developed for a very corrosion-resistant surface, can replace complete stainless-steel rollers. The resistance to corrosion has been certified by a salt spray test according to DIN EN ISO 9227 lasting over 1,000 hours.

CFRP/GRP rollers with carbide coating

Composite roller with a ceramic or carbide coating impress with their very high resistance to wear with surface hardnesses in excess of 1,400 HV 0.3 and a surface finish of Rz < 1 μm.