Quality on the assembly line

By monitoring all of the parameters which have an effect on our processes, we ensure the reproducibility of our products. So that we are able to maintain our high quality standard and to further extend it, our production processes are regularly monitored by internal and external inspectors.

The effectiveness of our strict quality guidelines is regularly checked as part of our QM evaluation and improvements are made as necessary. These take account of our customers’ needs and expectations. Staff at all levels of our company are obliged to both meet and to constantly improve the specified requirements.


Our rollers and coatings always undergo these checks before they leave our premises:

  • Inspection of all products even during the production process
  • Visual inspection of the product for mechanical damage, contamination, etc.
  • Run-out inspection to detect any imbalances
  • Balance tests in three stages
  • Endurance test bench
  • Inspection for internal defects and surface cracks, e.g. using ultra-sound tests
  • 1,000-hour salt spray test