AST factors for success

AST® stands for reliable cost effectiveness with a keen eye for what is essential to best help our customers! Our corporate strategy aims to ensure that you have an economic and a technical advantage. We do this by producing products and applications with outstanding quality, which meet the changing requirements of the market as we constantly develop them.

Advice, planning, design and manufacture. With a needs-based dialogue between customer and supplier, we are ideally prepared for all future requirements.


Our well-positioned brands THERMCOAT® coatings and AST® rollers succeed due to the following common characteristics:

  • Precision and the highest quality
  • Functional surfaces and high-quality processing
  • Maximum service life and a very reliable process
  • Optimum value creation and cost-effectiveness
  • Increase in productivity by reducing machine down times

Responsible approach to the environment and resources

  • State-of-the-art extraction system
  • Environmentally friendly disposal of layer removal waste
  • Recycling of blasting materials
  • Recoating of rollers instead of manufacturing new ones