Make use of our engineering skills!

AST® is one of the leading European suppliers of thermal coatings. Our intensive research work means that we are constantly creating new coating applications. Apart from high-quality standard coatings, we also develop and produce customised surfaces for tailor-made applications. Owing to our extensive expertise when it comes to processes, we will find the optimum type of coating for you, and help you design new parts suitable for the coating.

We would be happy to discuss which measures could help to increase the performance of your systems in a meeting without any obligation. Get in touch and ask us about it.

Your benefits

  • Increased added value of your systems and machines
  • Reduced machine downtime
  • Reduced maintenance and repair
  • Increased productivity, resulting in cost savings
  • Electrical and thermal insulation or conductivity
  • Traction or non-stick characteristics
  • Protection from corrosion and wear
  • Harmful cleaning agents can be done away with
  • Resistance to many chemicals, acids and alkalis