There is a wide variety of uses

Our rollers and coatings are used in the following areas: 

  • Welding knives
  • Construction of containers, e.g. for glue
  • Offshore sector
  • Hygiene and food industries
  • Parts for car tools
  • Toolmaking
  • Turbines and mixers
  • Slides, funnels, tubs and weighing dishes
  • Reconditioning worn roll necks
  • Internal tube coatings (suction pipes)
  • Guides
  • Gear forks, piston rings, clutch plates, sliders 
  • Guides, bearing seatings, etc.
  • Components from chemical plants
  • Shaft protection sleeves
  • Bearings, anti-wear plates
  • Dispensing worm drives
  • Spindles